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Step #2 -- Adding Photos and Graphics to Your Site

Having appealing photos and graphics will draw the interest of visitors and encourage them to return. If you place large photo files on your page, however, it will make your site load slowly and visitors will get frustrated and leave. Adventist Church Connect has great tools to assist you in sizing your photos and graphics to allow for optimal web use. Here are the steps you need to take to get started.

1) Log in by clicking on the User login/customize link at the bottom of the home page of your website. You will be shown the Welcome Page.  Now click on the Image & File Management icon. Next, watch the short introductory video by clicking the video icon in the top right-hand corner of this page.

2) Once you have watched the file management video you can go ahead and start placing pictures on the pages you want using the File Management and Edit tools. If you want more information, check the help page or help ticket icons on the Image & File Management page.

3) The Image & File Management module is a very powerful tool. Before you get too far, make sure you take a look at the dropdown menu at the top of the page that lists the different files where you can save your pictures and other graphics. Start by using the “Images,” “Photos,” and “Thumbnail” folders (the thumbnail folder can be used for your news, calendar, and other places where you need small versions of pictures or graphics).

4) Next, start placing photos, logos, and other graphics on the pages where they fit best. It is best not to load any single page with lots of pictures. Rather, keep a balance between text and photos. (Your church can sign up for a Photo Gallery module that allows for you to have albums of church events as part of your Adventist Church Connect website.)

With pictures and graphics added to your website, visitors will be more likely to return.

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