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Step #5 -- Adding New and Sub-Pages

Your Adventist Church Connect website can grow and change based on the ministries that are active in your church. The initial page set-up for your website was based on what you selected when you signed up, but that is just a start! Adding pages and sub-pages for ministries will make your site a place that will draw more visitors. User management allows for you to give youth ministries their own page and sub-pages—as many as they want! You can also do that for other ministries.

Adding a page for your church bulletin or your favorite links is easy. Here are the steps you need to take.

1) Log in by clicking on the User login/customize link at the bottom of the home page of your website. You will be shown the Welcome Page. If you want to add a new page to the navigation, select the Admin Management icon and then the Site Configuration and Navigation icon. The Nav Links tab will display the list of pages shown in your website. You can add new pages (up to 15) and arrange them in the order you want by arranging the Nav Order.

2) If you want to create a sub-page, click on Add at the bottom of the page and you can use the editor to create your new page.

3)You can choose how you want subpages to display. Options include alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, order by date created, newest to oldest, oldest to newest, and more.  When you're looking at a page, click on Edit.  Then click on Properties and scroll down. Near the bottom of the page you will see  a box titled Show Articles, which lists options for how subpages are displayed.  Click on the option you prefer, then click on Save and Publish.

Adding pages allows your website to grow. Over months and years your site can become broad and deep with lots of different pieces that will invite visitors to come back.

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