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Step #6 -- Adventist Church News


You website already has Adventist news that is automatically updated from the North American Division and General Conference. You can add your church news and pictures to your site, plus you can share your church’s news with your conference and union websites. Adding news is easy.

1) Log in by clicking on the User login/customize link at the bottom of the home page of your website. You will be shown the Welcome Page. Click on the Adventist Church News icon and you will be shown the news that is already posted to your site.

2) Click on the Add new news items link at the top of the page and then select add news.

3) Give your news item a short title and description – this is what people will see first when your news is posted. Next, make sure that the author information and source are correct. Usually this will be already entered with your information.

4) You can decide when your news story will be released and when it will be removed. This is a great option because you can do several news stories at one time and have them post to your website every other day – new content brings visitors back! The end date makes sure that your site doesn’t display any outdated stories.

5) Remember in Image & File Management there was an option to create thumbnails – this is where you can use them! You can either use one of the thumbnails you have already entered, or you can create a thumbnail of the photo you are going to use in the news story.

6) The last step is writing the news story and adding pictures or graphics. You do this with the same editor that you use to add and edit all the other pages in your website. Remember that pictures add to your story, but don’t use too many. Two or three photos are probably enough.

Did you notice the “Check to share this article with Adventist Church News” box? By leaving this checked you give permission for your article to be shared with other churches, conferences, and your union. So, spread how God is working in your church by sharing your news with others.

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