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Why Choose Adventist Church Connect Website Sofware?
Websites with great design features, fresh content and easy updates are a must in the 21st century. Adventist Church Connect provides for all of these basics and more – there is nothing that can not be done using Adventist Church Connect software. What sets Adventist Church Connect apart from other website providers is that we offer a network based on the organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Joining the Adventist Church Connect network automatically connects all churches and schools in North America. Your site will receive news from the North American Division, your conference, and your union. 
In addition, Adventist Church Connect also features an integrated calendar feature. This feature provides you with the option to add individual events from your conference, union, and other churches to your local calendar with just a click of the mouse. And if there are ever any changes to events, all calendars are automatically updated.

Adventist Church Connect is Free
A major benefit of the Adventist Church Connect network is that it is free to every church, company, and school in North America. “Free” means there is no set-up charge, and sites include hosting, 100 mb of space, and 10 email accounts. You are not restricted on the number of pages you can create within your site. Many churches and schools have joined the Adventist Church Connect network because there are no financial barriers.

Customer Support
One of the most critical features when choosing a website provider is technical support. Adventist Church Connect provides built-in, page-by-page online technical support with help documentation, a ticket system and knowledge base. In addition, we also provide a free 800-number and email support for all Adventist Church Connect users.

Adventist Church Connect Features
Adventist Church Connect uses an easy to learn Content Management System (CMS) that just released its sixth version in May, 2007. The value of any CMS is based on the administrator’s ability to assign different levels of user access and give users specific permissions. Adventist Church Connect has built-in member, author, editor and administrator user levels and the administrator has the ability to create additional user levels. In addition to user levels, Adventist Church Connect allows for individual users to be assigned permission to add or modify specific pages or access specific modules. For example, your church’s youth leader could be given permission to add articles and photos to the youth department pages on your church’s website and add youth events to the calendar. Given these permissions, this person could not modify any other pages on the site.

A website’s design is very important. Adventist Church Connect software allows you to create a site unique to your church. Unlimited design options can be applied to the Adventist Church Connect software – you are not stuck with just a single banner at the top of your website. You can create multiple designs that will rotate through each page, giving each page a fresh graphic appearance. You can also use flash files in your site design. The Adventist Church Connect CMS is not a web 2.0 solution where users drag content around the page. Adventist Church Connect encourages the development of websites using sound graphic design and communication principles.

Church sites often have information they want to make available based on a set of permissions. Policies, forms and other information may not be suitable for public viewers, but important to a specific group of users. With Adventist Church Connect you can set up user groups (such as church board members) and assign access for that group to certain pages on your website, based on their login and password. These groups are automatically gathered to allow for easy email communication.

The Adventist Church Connect system contains “snippets” that allow sites to easily receive RSS feeds from any church organization. Users can select from the pre-installed network options or personalize their list by cutting and pasting in the URL of their favorite RSS feeds.

Adventist Church Connect offers website media options including podcasting, video streaming from archived files, and live video streaming, which is not offered by most providers. Adventist Church Connect websites can also feature live streaming from sites such as the HOPE Channel and 3ABN.

Additional Features

Prayer request feature allows site visitors to submit prayer requests. They will immediately receive a message with Bible promises that relate to their request. Requests can be followed up with a personal email.

Daily devotional can be chosen from the Adventist Church Connect network or written by someone at your church.

Calendar allows departments to enter and categorize their own events. You can attach documents such as bulletin inserts, agendas, and special messages to each event.

Calendar import feature allows you to add events from the North American Division and your conference and union. Any changes to these events are automatically updated.

Adventist Church News from the North American Division, Adventist News Network, and Adventist Review are built in.

Add RSS feeds using an easy “snippet” tool.
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